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You are able to DOWNLOAD the Baldwin Teachers Association Calendar of Events at the below link.



BTA President Chris Greer submitted a proposal to receive free books for our students based on need.  Chris shared how budget cuts have impacted our District’s ability to buy new books for our students.  Chris’ proposal was accepted and First Book sent him 200 free books for our students.  Chris worked with Kathy Connolly to figure where the books would do the most good.


Dear Staff,

We're glad to introduce our latest model for professional development, Professional Learning Communities for Professional Readings and to present each of you with a list of our recently purchased professional books.  Additionally, you will find a downloadable sign-up sheet for anyone who might be interested in joining a PLC sometime during this school year. We now have four formats. A more complete description of PLCs can be found inside the BTC Fall 2014 Newsletter/Catalog.



In this edition:

  • Margie Brumfield – SRP of the Year
  • New course mandate for new teaching assistants applying for certification
  • AFT: Reclaiming the promise
  • Have you reviewed your TRS or ERS member information lately?

Dear Leaders and Members,

I am pleased to announce the third in the series of SRP job title fact sheets: K-12 Food Service Professionals.

This fact sheet, along with the Custodial & Maintenance Staffing Issues and theSchool Transportation Professionals fact sheets can be found in the Resources section of the NYSUT website at

Any questions or comments should be addressed to your local president or your labor relations specialist. We welcome your feedback.

For further information about SRP programs, contact Margaret MacCartney, school-related professionals coordinator at mma


Evaluate that.


A teacher is more than a test score.

NYSUT is launching a new web ad today to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our teachers and to make it clear that, to their students, teachers are far more than just test scores. Watch real students talk, in their own words, about the affection, admiration and respect they have for their teachers. 

Watch and share our new ad at the NYSUT Member Action Center, and listen to real students explain why their teachers are more than just test scores! 

More and more, lawmakers are trying to measure the value of New York state's teachers by the results of flawed and unfair high-stakes tests. But tests don't measure our love of teaching. Tests can't assess all the long, extra hours our teachers put in every week. And tests will never account for the passion, commitment and dedication we have to helping each and every one of our students reach their full potential.

Watch and share our new ad at the NYSUT Member Action Center, and listen to real students explain why their teachers are more than just test scores! 

Students get it. It's time for us all to help lawmakers understand, as well.

A teacher is more than a test score.

Tell lawmakers to #evaluatethat.

In solidarity,
Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT Executive Vice President

P.S.:  Please watch and share our new ad. And support our call for a two-year moratorium on the use of high-stakes tests in decisions regarding teachers and principals.