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As you know, New York requires public school teachers and teaching assistants to be certified by the State Education Department. 

In 2004, the State Education Department (SED) implemented new certification requirements for teachers and teaching assistants. This brochure describes the certification process and general certification requirements for both groups of educators. 



Prior to Feb. 2, 2004, individuals would receive a provisional certificate as their first credential upon satisfactory completion of all teacher preparation requirements. The provisional


You can DOWNLOAD a sample NYS Test Refusal Form below by Clicking on the Active Link.



You can DOWNLOAD a Sample Retirement Letter by clicking on the link below:


Many of you have raised questions about how opting out of standardized tests affects your district, your teachers and your students. A great deal of misinformation has been spread, either unwittingly or deliberately, by school district officials and others. Attached is a NYSUT fact sheet that sets the record straight regarding the consequences and non-consequences of opting out. It also provides guidance about how and when members can speak about opting out without being at risk of disciplinary consequences.
To Download the Opt-Out Fact Sheet Click on the Link Below.

You are able to DOWNLOAD the Baldwin Teachers Association Calendar of Events at the below link.



Dear Staff,

We're glad to introduce our latest model for professional development, Professional Learning Communities for Professional Readings and to present each of you with a list of our recently purchased professional books.  Additionally, you will find a downloadable sign-up sheet for anyone who might be interested in joining a PLC sometime during this school year. We now have four formats. A more complete description of PLCs can be found inside the BTC Fall 2014 Newsletter/Catalog.



Dear Leaders and Members,

I am pleased to announce the third in the series of SRP job title fact sheets: K-12 Food Service Professionals.

This fact sheet, along with the Custodial & Maintenance Staffing Issues and theSchool Transportation Professionals fact sheets can be found in the Resources section of the NYSUT website at

Any questions or comments should be addressed to your local president or your labor relations specialist. We welcome your feedback.

For further information about SRP programs, contact Margaret MacCartney, school-related professionals coordinator at mma


The following attached Tax Freeze Credit Fact Sheet discussed the following: A brief Introduction to what is the Tax Feeze Credit, The Calculation of the Tax Credit, State Certification of School District Qualification and the Impact of Property Tax Freeze Credits.

You can DOWNLOAD the above Tax Freeze Credit Fact Sheet HERE.



You are able to View and Download the 2013-14 BTA Calendar Here in .pdf format.